Wash Bay Features

Wash Bay Features

Wash Bays
Mountain View Car Wash Inc. has 10 self-service wash bays. Our 9 inside bays have power operated overhead doors and are heated during the colder months. The larger bays are 35 ft. long and 11’6 high. Our outside bay will accommodate vehicles up to 14 ft. in height. Any length of vehicle will fit but we ask our customers to wash on the concrete pad only to prevent runoff and to ease cleanup. We keep this bay open until the temperatures get below 0 degrees F.
Truck in a wash bay in Anchorage, AK

All of our wash bays include the following features:

All of our high-pressure functions use hot water for maximum cleaning ability.
This is the stuff that really breaks loose the dirt and grime. Caked on dirt or snow/ice should first be removed with the high-pressure soap but the presoak should be applied directly to lightly soiled vehicles. This mulberry scented product comes out slightly foamy to help keep it in contact with the vehicle for as long as possible as it breaks the dirt loose.
This evergreen scented product is applied similar to the presoak, but is designed for cleaning tires and wheels. For very tough break dust on wheels try our degreaser.
The high pressure soap is used to remove grit and heavy layers of dirt, etc. This also removes the dirt and grime loosened by the presoak.
Our high quality natural fiber brushes allow you to scrub the surface of the vehicle and get every bit of that grime off. The rich, foamy pink soap that flows from the brush helps the cleaning process and serves to lubricate and protect your valuable paint job while scrubbing.
This cherry scented wax is applied at high pressure to produce a protective coating on your paint, windows and wheels. It also provides a barrier so the next round of dirt, bugs and road debris comes off more easily. The wax coat can be rinsed down after application with the high-pressure rinse to prevent spotting, or for the best results, left on and then hand dried. Hand drying the wax coat lays the wax down on the surface of the vehicle and removes excess water and product that may otherwise result in waxy spots as the water evaporates.
The high-pressure rinse is straight hot water. This is used for final rinse or for general-purpose dirt and grime removal
Getting tires washed
Child showing how easy it is to use the car wash

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3433 Commercial Dr
Anchorage, AK 99501-3024

(907) 279-4819
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