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car wash in Anchorage, AK
We are a self-service car wash located in Anchorage, AK. Mountain View Car Wash Inc. is a family owned business that strives hard to provide a clean facility with high-quality, well-maintained equipment and products for Alaskans and visitors to keep their vehicles, toys and equipment both clean and protected.
Mountain View Car Wash Inc. has 10 self-service bays, 9 of which are inside with overhead doors and heat during the colder months. Our larger bays will handle most Class C motor homes and most mid-to-large trucks. Our outside bay is open in all but the coldest temperatures and can handle about anything that is road legal.
We have a full selection of services and products for you to keep your vehicle clean and protected. Click here for more information about our wash features.

Why use a self-service car wash?

While many people these days look for the “sit in your car” convenience of an automatic car wash, a self-service wash has many advantages. Self-service washing allows you to make sure it is done right. Self-service also let you clean places automatics can’t get, like  the underbody, engine, interior, inside trailers and pickup beds. You can also thoroughly clean ATVs, heavy equipment, boats, snow machines and much more. Professional car washes are also better for the environment than washing at home, since wastewater is treated, instead of running directly into our streams through the storm water system. High-pressure washes also use less water than washing with a hose, since the pressure does most of the work.
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Mountain View Car Wash
3433 Commercial Dr
Anchorage, AK 99501-3024

(907) 279-4819
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Open 24 Hours, Every Day of the Year!

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